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Addictive Disorders Treatment

I treat substance use disorders and behavioral addictions, such as gambling or video games.

Addiction Treatment

You've thought about cutting back before, but every time you try it just doesn't seem to work. Now you've started to see issues cropping up in your life around it. You aren't socializing as much unless it's involving your addictive behavior. Your work life may have been affected. A loved one may have expressed concern. Maybe you aren't sure what needs to change, just that something does.

Everyone starts in a different place. My goal is to meet you exactly where you are at and help you figure out what you want and then how to get it. I believe every person has their own unique strengths and I like to use those as a cornerstone for improving your life and building upon.

I don't believe addiction happens for no reason. I think there were underlying unmet needs that we need to figure out and find other ways of addressing. Sustainable coping tools to match your life.

I'm familiar with both AA and SMART Recovery programs as mutual help groups. Ultimately, I want you to define your goals, whether it involves moderation or abstinence. Some of the main treatment modalities that I use to treat addiction include Motivational Interviewing, harm reduction (reducing harm of the behavior), and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with a focus on relapse prevention.

I've worked with addictive behaviors for most of my career. After college, I was a case manager, where I received training to become a Colorado Addictions Counselor (CAC); I ended up not being able to finish that certificate because I returned to school to get my Ph.D., but the training was invaluable. Since then, I've worked at a psychiatric hospital and I worked at an Addictive Disorders Outpatient Program doing both Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), as well as at a rehab and at a crisis house. Additionally, my dissertation was about cannabis use and schizotypal personality disorder. Please reach out now so that we can figure out what your goals are and how to meet them.

You can book an appointment by using my email or phone number below or by going to my Contact Page.

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