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Anxiety, Depression, & Bipolar Treatment

I can treat anxiety disorders including generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia, excoriation, etc. I can also treat depression and Bipolar I & Bipolar II disorders.

Cloudy Fog

Mood Disorder Treatment

Maybe you have been here before and it's familiar and you know you need to reach out again. Or maybe you are experiencing something new and don't know how to cope. Maybe it's familiar, but worse this time.

Mood disorders can affect how we sleep, our appetite, energy levels, and our ability to function in day to day life. It can be exhausting to not feel good. (Or if you are manic, to feel good, but know you will come down again.) Sometimes we have temporary mood disorders (often called "adjustment disorders") due to a life stressor that is happened, such as the death of a loved one or big life transition.

You deserve to feel good, to enjoy life, and be able to do (and enjoy) the things you love in life.

If you have been struggling, please reach out. I have worked with people with mood disorders for over a decade, ranging from mild to severe episodes. My ultimate goal is to help you reach yours, whether that's doing better at work, playing with your kids more, or just not feeling like there is a cloud over your head. Together, we can look at what is working in your life and what maybe isn't working as well as it once did. We can identify coping tools that can help you feel better and explore what triggers your episodes to hopefully help manage them better moving forward.

You can book an appointment by using my email or phone number below or by going to my Contact Page.

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